Primary Mix 4 oz. (120 ml) Acrylic Paint Tube 6 Color Set


One tube each of Titanium White, Mars Black, Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Primary Blue and Primary Neutral Gray. With primary colors, you can create various combinations to form all other colors! With 3 primaries, white, black and a neutral gray, this set contains the paint an artist needs to learn about the properties of color, such as value, intensity, temperature and hue. These six colors are supplemented by the complete range of 33 colors in the line. Perfect for color theory classes, beginners or professionals who just want to explore and demystify the nuance of color, tinting and shading. Made in the USA. Vibrant color range. Excellent opacity. Use straight from the tube. Thin with water for a variety of techniques. Best when applied to porous surfaces. Permanent, water resistant and flexible when dry. Economical, line priced. Clean up with soap and water. Made in the USA.

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