Acrylic Paint

Vibrant color range. Excellent opacity. Use straight from the tube. Thin with water for a variety of techniques. Best when applied to porous surfaces. Permanent, water resistant and flexible when dry. Economical, line priced. Clean up with soap and water. Made in the USA. 4 oz. tubes.

Alizarin Crimson4 oz.
Bright Aqua Green4 oz.
Bronze4 oz.
Burnt Sienna4 oz.
Burnt Umber4 oz.
Cadmium Orange Hue4 oz.
Cadmium Red Deep Hue 4 oz.
Cadmium Red Light4 oz.
Cadmium Red Medium4 oz.
Cadmium Yellow Light Hue4 oz.
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue4 oz.
Cerulean Blue4 oz.
Cobalt Blue 4 oz.
Copper4 oz.
Deep Magenta4 oz.
Deep Violet4 oz.
Dioxazine Purple4 oz.
Hooker's Green4 oz.
Indian Red Oxide4 oz.
Iridescent Gold4 oz.
Iridescent Silver4 oz.
Light Blue Violet4 oz.
Mars Black4 oz.
Olive Green 4 oz.
Pearl White4 oz.
Permanant Green Deep4 oz.
Permanent Green Light4 oz.
Phthalocyanine Blue4 oz.
Phthalocyanine Green4 oz.
Phthalocyanine Turquoise4 oz.
Primary Blue4 oz.
Primary Magenta4 oz.
Primary Neutral Gray4 oz.
Primary Yellow4 oz.
Raw Sienna4 oz.
Raw Umber4 oz.
Titanium White4 oz.
Ultramarine Blue4 oz.
Yellow Ochre4 oz.
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