Artist Canvas

Triple primed with acid free acrylic primer. 100% natural cotton canvas pre-stretched over 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ pine stretcher bars. Individual canvas are stapled on the back so that the artist can include the canvas sides in the artwork, thus alleviating the need for an expensive frame! Medium texture and uniform weave readily accepts oils, acrylics and alkyds.

SizeStyleBar Thickness
5" x 5"Square3/4" Standard
6" x 6"Square3/4" Standard
8" x 8"Square3/4" Standard
10" x 10"Square3/4" Standard
12" x 12"Square3/4" Standard
16" x 16"Square3/4" Standard
18" x 18"Square3/4" Standard
20" x 20"Square3/4" Standard
36" x 36"Square3/4" Standard
48" x 48"Square3/4" Standard
5" x 7"Rectangle3/4" Standard
8" x 10"Rectangle3/4" Standard
9" x 12"Rectangle3/4" Standard
11" x 14"Rectangle3/4" Standard
12" x 16"Rectangle3/4" Standard
14" x 18"Rectangle3/4" Standard
16" x 20"Rectangle3/4" Standard
18" x 24"Rectangle3/4" Standard
20" x 24"Rectangle3/4" Standard
20" x 30"Rectangle3/4" Standard
22" x 28"Rectangle3/4" Standard
24" x 30"Rectangle3/4" Standard
24" x 36"Rectangle3/4" Standard
8" x 24"Landscape3/4" Standard
12" x 24"Landscape3/4" Standard
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