Professional Wide Wall Canvas

13-1/2 oz 100% cotton, primed 3 times with acid free primer, our Professional Wide Wall canvas has a 1-1/2″ side wall, and is stapled on the back which allows tighter stretching and adds strength. The back staple eliminates the need for an expensive frame as the edges of the canvas can be incorporated into the artwork.

SizeStyleBar Thickness
12" x 12"Square1-1/2" Wide Wall
24" x 24"Square1-1/2" Wide Wall
36" x 36"Square1-1/2" Wide Wall
8" x 10"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
9" x 12"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
11" x 14"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
16" x 20"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
18" x 24"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
24" x 30"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
24" x 36"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
36" x 48"Rectangle1-1/2" Wide Wall
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